Seasonal Espresso is our house blend. It is what you drink when visiting most of our wholesale partners. It is a daily coffee, with a little more complexity. It has a creamy sweet body, and mid-level acidity. It should taste like chocolate and nut, with stonefruit and apple acidity, and at times subtle herbal and floral overtones.


We roast the coffee on Monday and most Wednesdays.

Dispatch 5 days.


At present it consists of:


Andino, Huila Colombia 25%

Varieties: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo

Altitude: 1500-1950masl

Harvest: late 2020-early 2021

Processing: hand-picked, pulped and wet fermented.


Andino is a community coffee from Bruselas, Huila Colombia. Bruselas is located where three rivers converge in the Andes Mountains, creating unique microclimates that result in unique flavour profiles.


We source this coffee through Caravela, who work closely with the farmers to improve practices and sustainability.


This harvest of Andino displays vanilla and honey sweetness, blood orange, dark chocolate, and dark red fruits.


Las Cotorras, Chiapas, Mexico 25%

Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Altitude: 1300-1500masl

Harvest: December 2020-March 2021

Processing: hand-picked, fully washed.


The Chiapas highlands include the Trifuno Biosphere Reserve, which is a protected area with some of Mexico’s last remaining cloud forests. Las Cotorras is named after a beautiful bright green bird species that is endemic to the region, and 'coffeelands' seem to be one of their preferred habitats.


Las Cotorras is a community lot that is pretty special. The complexity suggests it could be from any number of coffee origins. It has a juicy body, red berries and turkish delight; with interesting florals and a fresh spice/herbal element. It’s the second year we’ve purchased Las Cotorras, and we hope to develop this relationship.


Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil 50%

Varieties: Predominantly Yellow Bourbon, Catuaí & Catucaí, et al.

Altitude: 1000-1300masl

Harvest: late 2020/early 2021

Processing: predominantly hand picked, some machine harvesting. natural process


Poços de Caldas is located on the rim of an extinct volcano. The volcanic soil is rich and fertile, perfect for coffee production. This coffee finds a place in the Seasonal blend for is low-to-mid acidity which provides a bed for the other coffees to lie on. It contributes creamy chocolate, nut and red berries. A subtle herbal character and malic acidity are nice complements to the dominant flavour profile.

Seasonal Espresso