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Our coffee is sourced from a variety of small growers & co-op's from coffee growing regions around the world.


We create our own blends depending on the seasonal availability of our growers who generally farm more than one variety on the same farm.

Fresh roasting creates a superior flavour and our German Probat Roaster and Erin know their stuff.

We invite you to try our seasonal blend or single origin seasonal speciality, made as espresso or to take home.

Wild Rye's Seasonal Blend

Wild Rye's Single Origin

250gm and 1kg packs

available as

whole coffee beans

espresso grind

filter grind

If you are buying from our Pambula Bakery Cafe or our new dedicated Roastery, we grind the espresso & filter packs to order, so you can count on the very best of fresh ground flavour!



The Aeropress uses gentle air pressure to yeild a fine brew with lower acidity and without bitterness.



Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour.



The pure micro filter ensures a perfect grit-free cup far superior to the steel mesh filter of a standard coffee plunger.



Make a great coffee in under 2 minutes - actual press time is a mere 20 seconds!

Check out the Aeropress and our range of other quality coffee paraphernalia next time you're in the Roastery!  Plenty of great gift ideas for the coffee lover.




Wild Rye’s Coffee Roastery is located in the little historic town of Pambula on the NSW Far South Coast. We are just about half way between Sydney and Melbourne, making us one of the most isolated coastal regions on the East Coast of Australia.


While we may be isolated geographically, the area has long been a holiday destination for Journeyers from afar. The local community is also strong and caring, and we want to be able to share exceptional coffee with locals and visitors alike, to match the exceptional area in which we live. 


We are a no nonsense specialty coffee roaster, fostering relationships with our local and visiting community, as well as the coffee growing communities we support around the world. Over the years we have grown organically, now supplying a number of cafes and establishments in the wider local area.


Our approach is simple: source great coffees from farmers around the world who care about the product as much as we do. It is not our coffee, it is theirs. Our job is to simply turn the coffee brown – getting out of the way and doing as little as possible to ensure that the love, care and dedication of the producers is delivered in each cup. Their hard work, the region they come from and the meticulous growing, sorting and processing, is the true star of all the specialty coffee we have the fortune of providing to you. 


Our Blends

We have two main espresso blends that are served in our cafes and to our wholesale customers. They are designed for espresso based beverages and can be served both black and white. Although there is espresso in the name, we see them as versatile, and can be prepared in just about any way, from stovetop to plunger. 


The Seasonal Blend is designed to be our crowd pleaser.


It generally has a low acid profile with notes of chocolate, dark fruits and syrup. We keep the base consistent, rotating fresh coffees from Brazil and Colombia, as the seasons change. It is highlighted by coffees from other regions to add a little complexity and sweetness. 


The Premium Blend, served only in our Roastery Cafe, is relatively new to our line up.


it is made up seasonal coffees from various regions. Its goal is to deliver a coffee with more complex acidity, sweetness and transparency. It is currently made up of coffees from Ethiopia and Central America. However, these will change with the seasons, so we can continue to deliver the vibrant blend at its freshest.


Feature Coffees


Wush Wush

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the tale of the jumping goats is that of legend. For many, Ethiopian coffee has inspired the deep dive into the specialty coffee world. Just like the young goat herd when he saw the goats first jump, we too jumped, blindly we must admit, into the bottomless well of potential that Ethiopia holds as a coffee growing region. 


We are proud to present this complex yet approachable coffee - Wush Wush (a small town in the Keffa Region in Southern Ethiopia), courtesy of the crew at Project Origin in Canberra. Project Origin has a Direct Trade partnership with Homeland Organic Coffee Estate, meaning you can be sure the proceeds from this coffee go back into the coffee growing community. 

We predominantly roast the Wush Wush for filter style brewing, but it also has a guest spot in our Premium Espresso Blend. It is clean and sweet in the cup, with the fermentation slightly evident, giving it a fuller body than sometimes expected from a classic washed Ethiopian. 


Coffee: Wush Wush

Region: Keffa, Southern Ethiopia

Varietal: Heirloom 

Altitude: 1800-2300masl

Processing Method: Washed

Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit, Lemon Butter, Dark Chocolate


Juan Cabrera

Colombia has got to be one of our favourite coffee origins. We love its base of reliability and consistency but are continually surprised by the increasing levels of complexity with more and more farmers realising the value in processing their coffee for the specialty coffee market. Moreover, Colombia is so vast that there are countless micro-regions and microclimates, with each unique terroir being imparted in the cup. 


The Juan Cabrera Coffee is a microlot from the Nariño region of Colombia and is named after the farmer.  It is a high altitude coffee produced by Juan with the assistance of his brother, Ruben. Juan and Ruben had strict harvest protocols for this microlot, ensuring that every cherry was picked at the perfect ripeness, resulting in the perfect cup. This coffee was brought to us by Cofinet, who are fourth generation coffee farmers themselves, and with Carlos at the helm in NSW, Cofinet are constantly bringing exciting coffees to our door for you to enjoy. Not only this, the legends drove through the night with the lads from Three Brothers to visit us here in Pambula. These relationships are part of what makes being in specialty coffee so rewarding.  


Coffee: Juan Cabrera

Region: Buesaco, Nariño

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1900-1950masl

Processing Method: Washed

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cherry Cola, Malt

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