****we roasted the last batch of this gem on Monday 11/10/21. There’s still some unallocated. Order now to secure a fresh bag before it disappears.

Origin: Jigesa Washing Station, Shakisso Guji Ethiopia

Varieties: heirloom

Altitude: 1800-1950masl

Harvest: 2020/2021

Processing: hand-picked & sorted, fully washed, dried on raised African beds


Jigesa is a privately owned washing station, named after the local kebele (village) in the Shakisso district of the Guji region, Ethiopia. The Guji region was identified as a distinct growing region in 2002 but was formerly identified within the wider Sidamo zone. Coffees from Sidamo are known to be very complex and intensely fruit forward, tea-like, floral, citrus and milk chocolate driven. Guji coffees tend to define themselves with ripe and candied fruits like peach and apricot, some fermentation, richer milk chocolate, and sometimes lighter on the citrus than other parts of Sidamo.


The Jigesa washing station is one of 10 owned by Testi Coffee, a family owned and managed company. It is located very close to the neighbouring Yirgacheffe zone, and some 850 small scale farmers contribute their coffee to this washing station. Most of the farmers farm organically on small plots of land, averaging 2-5 hectares. Coffee is their main cash crop, and it is grown along side corn, grain and bananas, under the shade of native Birbira, Wanza, and Acacia trees.


This lot from Jigesa is a Grade 1 lot, which is the highest grade in Ethiopia. It was produced as part of Testi’s quality improvement initiative, Premium Cherry Selection (PCS). Launched in 2018, the PCS program ensures that best practices are used for growing, harvesting and processing the coffee cherry. Through the program, Testi pays a premium to farmers who pick and deliver only the ripest cherries from their farms. Coffees produced as part of the program represent the highest quality and cleanest cup profile available from the washing station and wider region.


We have roasted this coffee light, and it is best for filter brewing or long espresso. At this roast degree, the cup is sugary sweet with rich milk chocolate, almond butter and honey, complemented by a distinct green apple acidity, light florals and lemonade.



We roast this coffee as required, on Monday or Wednesday. We find this coffee starts to really shine about 9-10 days after roasting, and evolves positively for about 4 weeks. Available in 250g bags only. Discount applied for orders 1kg+. Dispatch 5 days, subject to availability.

Jigesa - Single Origin