Los Idolos coffee comes from a region in Huila, Colombia, where around 1000 B.C, a pre-Colombian civilisation, flourished. The civilisation mysteriously disappeared long ago and the only significant remnants are some burial sites, rediscovered in 1960, now called “El Alto de Los Idolos”.
Los Idolos, made up of typica and caturra varietals grown the mountains near the Magdalena River at an altitude between 1600-1900 masl.
We have roasted this coffee for all brew methods, emphasising it’s caramel and candied mandarin sweetness, balanced acidity, and a clear, refreshing finish.
Best black but sweet and clean in milk.

1:2.5 (e.g 21g dose / 52.5g Yield)

1:16 (e.g 15g dose / 240ml starting water)

Los Idolos - Colombia - Roasted for: All Brew Methods - 250g