This high altitude washed coffee is grown by a farmer by the name of Edgar Ernesto Erazo Valencia on his farm called Finca Cafelina. He is a lifelong coffee grower who inherited Finca Cafelina from his father.
He is meticulous in his harvest and processing methods, only picking cherries when they are the right hue of purple and ensuring they are de-pulped that same afternoon. The cherries are initially pre-dried in the sun and then moved to a parabolic dryer for a 10—12 day period. If the harvest is exceptionally large, mechanical driers are used instead.  
We like this coffee for its malic acid and ripe stone fruit character that is carried through by the classic Colombian milk chocolate and vanilla sweetness. We’re sure you will love this coffee as much as we do.

Finca Cafelina Colombia Single Origin Filter 250g

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