Origin: Werka, West Arsi, Sidma, Ethiopia

Varieties: Walichu (heirloom)

Altitude: 1900-2050masl

Harvest: 20/21

Processing: Hand picked and sorted, fully washed, dried on raised African beds.

Werka is the name of the Kebele, or village, where this coffee is grown. This grade 1 lot is the compilation of around 750 small scale farmers, who for the most part, grow organically. Coffee is their main cash crop, grown along side crops such as corn, grain and bananas, under the shade of native Birbiri, Wanza and acacia trees.


The high altitudes and cool climes are exceptional for long cherry development, meaning denser beans and more sweetness and complexity in the cup. This one certainly is, with sweet milk chocolate, lotus flower tea, raspberry and candied fruits.


Like the Jigesa we roasted before it, Werka is also part of the Tetsi Premium Cherry Selection (PCS) program, ensuring best practices for all aspects of production from seed to boat.


This is one of our favourite coffees for the year and it will be roasting until finish! Get in before we drink it all ourselves.

Ethiopia Werka - Single Origin