Come and join the Wild Rye’s roasting team for a coffee sensory experience. The sessions will include:

Part 1:

Coffee tasting/cupping – following the new “Covidsafe cupping protocol”. This will be an introduction to coffee tasting, coffee history, the difference between commodity coffee and specialty coffee, and an introduction to the “science of coffee extraction”.  

Part 2: Coffee home brewing lessons using a porlex hand grinder and at least three different brew methods, including plunger, aeropress, and v60 pour over. All brewing devices used will be available to purchase at a special rate for participants.

There are two sessions available – Friday 5 March at 9:30am – 11:30am and Saturday 6 March 9:30am – 11:30am. Tickets for the sessions are $45 each (including 250g of Wild Rye’s coffee). Book now to secure your place.

Sessions held at Wild Rye's Roastery, 45 Toallo St, Pambula NSW 2549.

EAT FESTIVAL “ON TOUR” – Coffee tasting & brew class - Fri 5 March

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