Origin: Finca Las Brisas, Sonsonate, El Salvador

Farmers: Carlos Pola and Patirica Victoria Ray

Varietal: 100% Pacas

Altitude: 1350masl

Processing: hand picked and sorted, honey processed, controlled fermantation, dried on raised African beds. 


Carlos Pola and his wife Patricia Victoria Ray are passionate coffee farmers form El Salvador. They have a keen focus on quality and sustainability. With this in mind, they employ a blend of traditional farming practices and  scientific research and data collection. Their farm, Finca Las Brisas, is at the forefront of development in the specialty coffee industry in El Salvador, where they have an on-site quality and research lab. These are some cool cats with their heads and hearts in the right places. 


This lot is 100% Pacas varietal that has been honey processed (put simply, fermented with the cherry removed but the mucilage left on). It tastes like coffee, cocoa, macadmaia, with malic acid hinting at brown pear, baking spice honey and vanilla.


We love this coffee because it tastes like coffee, with way more complexity. If you had to pick one to drink every day, this would be it! 




Carlos Pola - El Salvador - Microlot