This Grade 1 coffee comes from the Aricha Washing Station in Edido, which is a village in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station by weight, by various smallholder famers, who, on average, own less than 1/8 hectare of land.

Aricha has the flavour profile of a classic Yirgacheffe, with florals, citrus and milk chocolate. On top of this it has a panela sweetness and notes of green pear. It is one of our favourites of the season. We’ve delayed its release and we’re rather excited to finally share it with you.



Origin: Ethiopia

Region, Edido, Yirgacheffe

Farmers: Various smallholder famers

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian varieties

Altitude: 1850-1880 MASL

Process Method: Washed


ARICHA, Ethiopia - Light Roast - 250g