Anibal Baca produced this 100% Pacas lot on his farm in Santa Barbara Honduras. Anibal named his farm, Finca La Fortaleza, or strength in English, as he wanted to always remember that to produce great coffee you need to be strong and never give up despite the challenges. Anibal’s strength and commitment certainly shows in this coffee. It is the second crop we have purchased from Anibal and there will be certainly more to come. This harvest has notes of chocolate brownie, blueberry and cola.  It is a pleasure to be sharing it with you.


Origin: Honduras

Region: Santa Barbara

Producer: Anibal Baca

Altitude: 1650 MASL

Variety: Pacas

Process Method: Fully washed / 18 hour dry fermentation in bags

ANIBAL BACA, Honduras - Light Roast